Gender First

Ensuring equal access to productive resources and economic decisions can significantly increase yields and enable families to allocate more income to food, health, and children. GenderFirst identifies interventions in households, markets, enterprises, and community groups to ensure equitable benefits for all people. GenderFirst empowers all people – both women and men – to succeed in the global economy.

The GenderFirst (GF) program includes the following resources:

  1. GF Analyze: determine influence of community gender dynamics
  2. GF Integrate: identify integration points within other development activities
  3. GF Markets: link women to market system activities and benefits
  4. GF Extension: guide extension workers in conducting equitable outreach
  5. GF WEAI: methodology for applying Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture index
  6. GF Learn: measure the gender effectiveness of program interventions

Success Story: Kyrgyzstan

ACDI/VOCA implemented a program in Kyrgyzstan to develop women leaders in small and medium enterprises. Building on the GenderFirst resources of GF Analyze and GF Markets, ACDI/VOCA led a multistage intervention that strengthened leadership skills, facilitated market linkages, and delivered intensive technical assistance. Over 600 women business leaders across the country participated in the program to expand their enterprises. Additionally, ACDI/VOCA generated five training resources for women to address barriers to business development. These resources include business registration, taxation, social fund payments, patents, and tax inspections. With a GenderFirst approach, ACDI/VOCA has empowered women to become leaders throughout the business community.