Regional Agricultural Development Program (RADP-N)

Supporting Food And Financial Security By Improving Production And Profits In Select Value Chains


Though over a decade of substantial investment and aid have improved many aspects of life in Afghanistan, it remains a poor and under-developed country with substantial needs. Economic growth is hampered by Afghanistan’s landlocked and rugged terrain and years of sociopolitical instability and war. Destabilizing violence further undermines the Afghan economy and hinders improvements to income and quality of life.

Proximity to Central Asia, growing infrastructure, and relative stability means that farmers and agribusinesses in northern Afghanistan are well placed to participate in the country’s growing economy. They continue, however, to face a range of challenges in improving productivity and market linkages. Constraints related to the lack of reliable irrigation, use of high-quality inputs and poor cultivation, and proper post-harvest handling all contribute to low productivity.

The Regional Agricultural Development Program–North (RADP-North), funded by USAID and managed by DAI in partnership with ACDI/VOCA and several other entities, is improving production and profits in select value chains in order to support both food and financial security in northern Afghanistan. ACDI/VOCA is a subcontractor for the horticulture value chains component.
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  • Develop participatory value chain strategies to increase overall agricultural production and food security in northern Afghanistan
  • Improve the management and technical capacity of agribusinesses and farmer organizations to increase production, sales, and income
  • Build expanded and profitable market linkages for producers and agribusinesses
  • Take a value chain approach focusing on high-value horticultural commodities including dried fruits and nuts, grapes and raisins, and melons
  • Improve sales and income by identifying and linking viable internal and export markets
  • Increase the management capacity of related agribusinesses, producers, and their organizations in accessing new markets and meeting quality demands to increase sales and income
  • Introduce new and improved production and post-harvest handling/processing techniques to increase value and serve market needs
  • Mentor lead farmers within each value chain who serve as examples of good agricultural practices and farm management
  • Three value chain strategies developed to improve farmer productivity and agribusiness profitability
  • Reduced post-harvest losses through improved post-harvest techniques (in terms of pest control, storage, and processing)
  • Increased management and technical capacity of small, medium-sized, and large existing or start-up agribusinesses related to the high-value crop value chains to improve financial returns

Funder: USAID
Contact: Maz Fawzy,