Organizational Strengthening in Santa Marta

Strengthening Civil Society Organizations to Improve Lives

Background Narrative

Civil society organizations that represent the interests of ethnic populations play an essential role in promoting advocacy that ensures proper representation, access to public goods, and respect for human rights of vulnerable populations. They can also provide oversight to ensure that projects, services, and activities are implemented as planned. Strengthening these organizations and expanding their reach is key to ensuring sustainability and improving the lives of vulnerable, marginalized communities.

  • Build the organizational capacity of two organizations (Fundación Ser Afro and the Asociación de Afrodescendientes Nelson Mandela) that represent the interests of Afro-Colombian populations in Santa Marta
  • Conduct an organizational capacity assessment to identify and prioritize the areas that need strengthening
  • Develop a capacity building plan and refine and support their strategic plans
  • Provide technical assistance in the development and oversight of community projects
  •  25 percent increase in Organizational Capacity Assessment score
  • 30 leaders trained
  • 2 projects developed
  • 2 oversight committees established

Funder: Corporate Donor
Budget: US$136,091
Contact: Yamil A. Roger Nasser at