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Our Approach

As healthy economies require robust financial ecosystems to thrive, we identify and develop multiple entry points at which market actors—smallholder farmers, agribusinesses, financial institutions—mutually benefit from enhanced financial services. As the nonprofit that means business, we align our mission and more than 50-year legacy with those of the private sector to achieve the triple bottom line—people, profit, planet—of impactful social returns, economic profit, and environmentally friendly practices.

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ACDI/VOCA’s efforts to catalyze and facilitate investments are inclusive in nature: inclusive of men and women, of households, co-ops, and small- and medium-sized (SMEs) enterprises. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to secure loans to build family farms or agribusinesses. To secure such loans, men and women need access to land as collateral. In our projects, we provide the people with whom we work the opportunity to form or join savings and credit groups to start small and grow big as individuals, households, or communities.

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Advancements in technology hold much promise for catalyzing investments in the developing world. Mobile money allows individuals and small businesses to securely and discreetly exchange funds. Thanks to mobile money technology, smallholder farmers no longer have to anxiously journey home after selling the season’s harvest worried about the theft or loss of months of work and hard-earned profits. Technology also provides more people in remote places access to SME equity and loan funds, bringing opportunities to new places and deserving people.

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Much as our project interventions catalyze investments to reach women and men, we strive to provide young people with the opportunity to access financial support. As youth around the world dream big, we offer them financial services to help them take the seed of their idea through to profitable fruition. It’s essential for us as practitioners of sustainable development to consider new investment avenues for youth to fund their dreams and keep them engaged in agriculture as a career, while reducing rural – urban migration.

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Savings and Credit

We provide underserved and traditionally disenfranchised populations with access to financial services and link them with strengthened financial institutions to promote savings and credit. These vehicles empower individuals and SMEs to grow their businesses and to continue their hard work building brighter futures for their children and communities.

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Institutional Strengthening

The smallholder farmers with whom we work need access to improved financial services. By strengthening financial institutions and the services they provide, we move to empower communities with few assets. By building less formal credit programs with businesses that supply inputs to farmers or millers who buy their products, we enable smallholders to participate in formal markets. At the village level, savings and credit groups enable even the poorest to access some form of financial services.

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Profit Planner

Without access to credit, farmers cannot purchase the improved seed, fertilizer, and other inputs needed to increase their yields and incomes. Profit Planner provides lenders with insightful modes of analysis to identify the appropriate financial products that will enable smallholders to become more productive. Profit Planner empowers financial institutions and agribusinesses to analyze the financial constraints smallholder farmers face.

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A frequent obstacle to growth in agricultural markets is a lack of credit, from inputs to production to processing. AgValue empowers commercial finance institutions to better understand the agricultural sector and to establish financial products. AgValue prepares risk-minded banks to effectively evaluate risks within the agricultural sector and to identify credit needs that generate growth.

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