Inefficient value chains limit profitable transactions and critical investments, disproportionally affecting the incomes of rural households. MarketFlow provides a strategic approach for improving overall market competitiveness. MarketFlow identifies value chain constraints in reaching end market opportunities while surfacing the best intervention points to foster inclusive growth of small firms and smallholder farmers.

MarketFlow studies several structural factors from horizontal and vertical linkages, the enabling environment, supporting markets, and the requirements of end markets. The tool also examines dynamic factors, including inter-firm relationships, value chain governance, and upgrading opportunities. MarketFlow explores the following questions:

  1. What are the most viable market opportunities?
  2. What upgrading or behavior changes are needed to exploit them?
  3. What benefits will each actor receive after these changes?
  4. Who will the primary actor be in driving value chain upgrading?
  5. What factors have kept changes from happening already?
  6. What incentives are needed to make these changes happen now?


MarketFlow is one of three tools in our Market Systems approach:

MarketFacilitator: engages market actors to reach new markets

MarketFinder: identifies the most promising agriculture markets

MarketFlow: improves efficiency of market systems and value chains


Measuring Success

We rigorously monitor project activities and adaptively manage them to achieve success for our clients. We customize every project to meet the unique demands and emerging challenges of each situation. For MarketFinder, we create a comprehensive evaluation that builds from the following measures:

Output: # viable, competitive upgrades identified

Outcome (immediate): # viable, competitive upgrades planned for implementation

Outcome (distant): % improvement in participating smallholders’ incomes