Market actors often blame others within their value chain for limiting their profits. To remedy this, MarketFacilitator builds trust among participants. Together, they can fulfill their market’s larger demand. MarketFacilitator guides market actors through a comprehensive review of the constraints and opportunities within their value chain to identify a coordinated set of actions.

MarketFacilitator follows a comprehensive value chain analysis and end market study. These results are shared with value chain actors who compare the findings against their own experiences. This analysis uses an inquiry model to engage participants in four critical conversations:

  1. Inquire: what are the opportunities available to us, and what has kept us from taking advantage of these?
  2. Imagine: what upgrading possibilities could we achieve, and what would the benefit be to each of us?
  3. Innovate: what upgrading actions will we take, and what are the possible risks that require mitigation?
  4. Implement: what is my role in this change, and what are the specific behavior changes expected of me?


MarketFacilitator is one of three tools in our Market Systems approach:

MarketFinder: identifies the most promising agriculture markets

MarketFlow: improves efficiency of market systems and value chains

MarketFacilitator: engages market actors to reach new markets

Measuring Success

We rigorously monitor project activities and adaptively manage them to achieve success for our clients. We customize every project to meet the unique demands and emerging challenges of each situation. For MarketFacilitator, we create a comprehensive evaluation that builds from the following measures:

Output: number of action commitments made by market actors

Outcome (immediate): number of action commitments completed by actors

Outcome (distant): increase in value chain sales