Our Signature Tools embody our most effective strategies to empower people to succeed in the global economy. Our diverse tools help projects communicate behavior change, strengthen individual capacity, facilitate collective action, locate value chain opportunities, foster smallholder growth, determine market return, parlay farms into businesses, evaluate risk and open credit, and boost farmers’ profitability, among others. By helping practitioners meet the unique challenges of the markets and communities in which they operate, these tools result in more successful and sustainable projects.

Signature Tool AgValue


A frequent obstacle to growth in agricultural markets is a lack of credit, from inputs to production to processing. AgValue empowers commercial finance institutions to better understand the agricultural sector and to establish financial products. AgValue prepares risk-minded banks to effectively evaluate risks within the agricultural sector and to identify credit needs that generate growth.

ACDI VOCA Signature-Tool MarketFacilitator


Market actors often blame others within their value chain for limiting their profits. To remedy this, MarketFacilitator builds trust among participants. Together, they can fulfill their market’s larger demand. MarketFacilitator guides market actors through a comprehensive review of the constraints and opportunities within their value chain to identify a coordinated set of actions.

Signature Tool M4


M4 empowers farmer-based organizations (FBOs) to assess their performance and to identify improvements along the four areas of membership, marketing, money, and management. Many assessments are complicated, expensive, and not directly meaningful to FBO leaders. The M4 assessment provides an open and transparent process for members to quickly reach consensus on their priorities.

Signature Tool Cedar


Many communities around the world face agricultural, economic, and social challenges that are exacerbated by climate change. CEDAR empowers community stakeholders to identify climate-based risks and to develop comprehensive mitigation strategies. Through the CEDAR process, communities identify options that reduce their vulnerability and increase their collective resilience.

Signature Tool STICKS


Too often when development programs impart messaging through cascade trainings, the message’s accuracy diminishes as it moves from person to person. With STICKS, beneficiaries receive a consistent message through a simple process that promotes social cohesion and enables the monitoring of adoption. The STICKS tool empowers project staff, field extension agents, and community leaders to communicate vital behavioral change information to beneficiaries.

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