Local organizations have the potential to offer critical services and products to their communities, but often lack the skills and resources needed to meet client needs. Aptitude develops local organizational leaders so that they can attain sustainable practices and establish viable networks for continued growth. It also empowers local organizations to strengthen individual capacity and to improve their ability to act collectively.

Aptitude begins with a comprehensive organizational assessment conducted in collaboration with the organization’s leaders to mutually identify priority development areas. This assessment includes a local system network map to identify critical relationships that can strengthen and sustain individual organizations. Aptitude closely examines the following five questions:

  1. Role: what is the purpose of the organization, and how is this fulfilling a broader social or economic need of the community it serves?
  2. Resources: what are the essential human, financial, physical, and social resources required to perform the role of the organization?
  3. Relationships: through the local system network map, what are the critical organizations with whom to deepen collaborative relationships?
  4. Rules: what are the critical legal requirements and social norms that currently conflict with the operations of the organization?
  5. Results: how is the organization measuring its performance, and what are the main factors that affect its ability to achieve desired outcomes?

Measuring Success

We rigorously monitor project activities and adaptively manage them to achieve success for our clients. We customize every project to meet the unique demands and emerging challenges of each situation. For Aptitude, we create a comprehensive evaluation that builds from the following measures:

Output: # of organizations with improved scores

Outcome (immediate): activities implemented in each sector of society