The members of the vulnerable and food-insecure communities with whom ACDI/VOCA works are among the least able to adapt and most likely to be seriously affected by climatic changes and their impacts. Overcoming climate threats and increasing resilience will require a transformation of smallholder agricultural systems and the markets with which they interact.

The Mosaic suite covers a range of situations in which emerging climate vulnerabilities have required rethinking how we support agricultural communities and markets.

Mosaic comprises tools to: support thought leadership; increase staff awareness of climate-smart agriculture (CSA); provide technical support to projects; inform monitoring and evaluation efforts; guide environmental compliance; and facilitate Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) communication and knowledge sharing.

The Mosaic suite includes ACDI/VOCA’s CSA framework—utilized as part of an approach to integrate CSA into proposals and projects. It includes overview documents explaining this new approach, and tools for field and headquarters staff to use in its implementation. This includes:

  1. Briefs on designing projects for gender-responsive climate resilience
  2. Guidance for conducting solicitation reconnaissance
  3. Community climate action planning
  4. Resources on social behavior change barrier analysis and workshops
  5. Climate change action training for youth
  6. Capacity building surrounding conservation agriculture
  7. Support for climate-smart financing
  8. Biodiversity conservation training
  9. Livelihoods assessments
  10. Improved market information and VC analysis aimed at improving the resilience of communities and smallholder farmers

This tool kit also houses ACDI/VOCA’s other CSA-related tools, CEDAR and Cultivate, and will continue to grow as new needs are identified and new resources developed.