A frequent obstacle to growth in agricultural markets is a lack of credit, from inputs to production to processing. AgValue empowers commercial finance institutions to better understand the agricultural sector and to establish financial products. AgValue prepares risk-minded banks to effectively evaluate risks within the agricultural sector and to identify credit needs that generate growth.

AgValue leads loan officers and bank leaders through a series of analyses to understand the agricultural market, the timing of market activities, the incentives of various actors, liquidity hindrances that limit growth, and methods for reducing risk. With this information, financial institutions identify financial products that impact sector growth. Financial institutions have the option to use another ACDI/VOCA Signature Tool, Profit Planner, to assess the performance of specific loan applicants. AgValue consists of two implementation phases:

  1. Core Competencies: develops the capability of loan officers and bank leaders to assess value chain finance needs and mitigate agricultural risk.
  2. Product Selection: guides loan officers in the construction of a loan product and in selecting key entry points within the agricultural market system.

Measuring Success

We rigorously monitor project activities and adaptively manage them to achieve success for our clients. We customize every project to meet the unique demands and emerging challenges of each situation. For AgValue, we create a comprehensive evaluation that builds from the following measures:

Output: # of financial institutions trained