Request for Quote:
Communications & Outreach Editing

ACDI/VOCA is soliciting quotes from organizations or independent contractors capable of editing different reports, proposals, success stories, and any other documents that the Communications & Outreach team requires.

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Request for Proposal:
Burkina Faso Victory Against Malnutrition Plus (ViMPlus)

ACDI/VOCA is soliciting proposals from organizations or independent contractors capable of conducting a complete and USAID/FFP-compliant Activity-level Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), inclusive of a Climate Risk Management Screening (CRM) and an Environmental Management and Mitigation Plan (EMMP) for the Burkina Faso ViMPlus activity.

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Request for Application:
Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock Production for Improved Nutrition

The project has identified several opportunities to partner with local public, private, and institutional actors in the market system to strengthen, pilot, and scale sustainable, market-based ways to improve input, services, and output markets across the market system. The project is requesting applications from multiple organizations and institutions to apply for different types of grants. The project welcomes grant proposals from entities interested in working in one or more of the following areas: livestock-related training, animal health, animal feed and fodder, breeding/artificial insemination, access to financial services and livestock-related products, information and communications technology, and output marketing and value addition.
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