Kenya REGAL-AG Lucy Katap Lemantile, community animal health worker in Oldonyiro at market

Agrodealer in Kenya Puts Customer First to Serve More Livestock Owners

Lucy Katap Lemantile, a community animal health worker in Oldonyiro, Kenya, opened her agrovet shop in 2011 to serve neighboring …

Women, Men, and Gender

WLSME Jamilya Success Story (in English)

Facilitating Self-assessments in Colombia (en Español)

AflaSTOP PACA poster

AflaSTOP Overview

A visual snapshot of AflaSTOP’s core goal and research hypothesis, phased approach, and the hermetic storage and drying technologies targeted …

Overview of Tested Storage Devices

AflaSTOP is testing a variety of hermetic storage devices to evaluate whether or not a smallholder farmer-friendly technology exists that …

Overview of Drying Technologies Under Design

AflaSTOP is testing, adapting, and designing cost-effective and appropriate drying technologies for maize and other commodities. This highlights the three …

USAID Feed the Future: Evodius from Tanzania Tells His Story

Ethiopia – Advanced Maize Seed Adoption Program

Kenya AIIM-Assist Landscape

African Institutions Build Organizational Capacity with Help from AIIM-Assist

When USAID/East Africa announced the first Annual Program Statement (APS) under the African Institutions Innovation Mechanism (AIIM) initiative in 2012, …

Findings from Acquisition of Maize Contaminated with Aflatoxin

From March–June 2014, the AflaSTOP project sought to acquire 53 tons of grain contaminated with aflatoxin. This grain was sourced …

LEO Learning Day Summary (Singh)