Market Systems Development Regional Peer-Learning Events: Highlights and Recommendations (Downing, Campbell)

Scaling Impact: Extending Input Delivery to Smallholder Farmers at Scale (Fowler, White)

weai cover

Intervention Guide for the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) (Stern, Jones, Hillesland)

An Analysis of Three Commodity Value Chains in Cambodia: Rice, Horticulture, and Aquaculture (Kula, Turner, Sar)

Evaluation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Trade Policy Constraints within the Maize and Livestock/Animal-Sourced Products Value Chains in East Africa (Hain, Logan, Collins)

Applying a Market Systems Lens to Technology Scale Up: A Brief Literature Review (Brand, Fowler, Campbell)

Wage Labor, Agriculture-Based Economies, and Pathways Out of Poverty: Taking Stock of the Evidence (Mueller, Chan)

Scale of Outreach in Market Systems Development: Building the Evidence Base (Dunn, McGuinness)

LEO Report 16: Assessment of the DRC’s Agricultural Market Systems: Value Chains in the North & South Kivu and Katanga Provinces (Cook, Magistro, and O’Donnell, 2015)

AflaSTOP PACA poster

AflaSTOP Overview

A visual snapshot of AflaSTOP’s core goal and research hypothesis, phased approach, and the hermetic storage and drying technologies targeted …

Overview of Tested Storage Devices

AflaSTOP is testing a variety of hermetic storage devices to evaluate whether or not a smallholder farmer-friendly technology exists that …

Overview of Drying Technologies Under Design

AflaSTOP is testing, adapting, and designing cost-effective and appropriate drying technologies for maize and other commodities. This highlights the three …