Food Systems Series: Building Back Better: Nature-Based Food Systems

ACTION TRACK #3: BOOST NATURE-POSITIVE PRODUCTION A VICIOUS CIRCLE With more than a third of the world’s land surface and …

Turning Livestock Manure into Sustainable Energy in Bangladesh

Published on Agrilinks, March 06, 2021.


Fish Farming to Sustainably Transform County Economy in Kenya

For several years, fishers in Loiyangalani town, located on the shores of Lake Turkana, have been using the casting method to earn a living. This outdated method, over time, has resulted in low yields caused by overfishing and low replenishment rates. …

Liberia_FIFES_beekeeping story

Beekeeping Protects Biodiversity & Offers Alternative Livelihoods for Liberian Women

Harvesting honey is a job traditionally associated with men because they are more able to work the late hours required …

man in forest_Liberia_FIFES

Partnering Locally is Key to Long-Term Protection of Liberia’s Forest Resources

Published by Climatelinks, April 29, 2020

How Kenya Is Spotting and Stopping Drought in Remote Areas

Published by Feed the Future, April 27, 2020

man in forest_Liberia_FIFES

Balancing Act: Protecting Forests & Improving Livelihoods in Liberia

The world’s forests are a key factor in sustainable development. They provide food, water, and medicine. They help stabilize the …

Rehabilitated Grazing Land Improves Livestock Health & Farmer Incomes in Ethiopia

In the Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia, households that live near communal grazing areas allow their animals to graze freely …

Mitigating Water Scarcity in Jamaica

In Colouden, a rural community located in Jamaica’s Clarendon Parish, hundreds of residents are not connected to running water through …

Ja REEACH II February 2019 Newsletter

Access Part II of the newsletter here

Jamaica Ja REEACH II disaster risk reduction

Preparedness Training and Flood Warning Systems Bolster Disaster Readiness in Jamaica

Icema and Vincent Swire’s home in the Fellowship community of Portland, Jamaica, sits where the Sandy River meets the larger …

ACDI/VOCA Liberia FIFES fundraising

Help Liberian Farmers Save the Rainforest

Visit our page on GlobalGiving to donate now.

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