Data is transforming our world, including sustainable development, and its demand shows no signs of slowing. In this blog series, Data Digest, our data experts dive into data—from beginner to advanced topics. The series draws from ACDI/VOCA’s Learning, Evaluation, and Analysis Platform (LEAP), a streamlined system that integrates raw data, visualizations, and more from each of our projects. We’ll share some of our code throughout this series on the development platform GitHub. Each month, you can expect a closer look at data management.

Introducing the Monitoring and Evaluation Bullet Chart

Why You Should Be Using Raw, Relational Data

Data 101

Data 101 Part 1: Management

Data 101 Part 2: Quality

Data 101 Part 3: Taking Your Data to the Next Level

Date Reference Automation

Date Reference Automation Part 1: Multiple Reporting Periods

Date Reference Automation Part 2: Counting Beneficiaries

Date Reference Automation Part 3: New and Continuing Beneficiary Counts by Reporting Period

Date Reference Automation Part 4: Distinct Count of Participants in Multiple Activities