Tajikistan Farmer-to-Farmer Program Country Director and ACDI/VOCA Country Representative in Tajikistan 

Nodir Ibrohimzoda serves as country director for ACDI/VOCA’s USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer Program in Tajikistan, where he leads the project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, management, and reporting. He is also ACDI/VOCA’s country representative in Tajikistan. Prior to joining ACDI/VOCA in 2013, Nodir served as country director for CNFA’s Farmer-to-Farmer Program in Tajikistan and CNFA’s country representative in Tajikistan. He holds master’s degrees in finance and credit from the Institute of Economics of Tajikistan and in management from Tajik Technical University (Tajikistan). Nodir is fluent in Tajik, Russian, Uzbek, and English.