St. Paul, Minnesota

Mr. Fenner is a legacy cooperative director representing AgriBank, FCB.  Mr. Fenner retired from AgriBank in 2016 after a 32-year career in the Farm Credit System.  At the time of his retirement he was director of enterprise risk management, where he led various risk analysis and management activities, including integrated stress testing and economic capital analysis. Prior to this, Mr. Fenner was director of asset/liability management at AgriBank, responsible for managing the interest rate risk on AgriBank’s $100 billion balance sheet. Mr. Fenner joined the Farm Credit System in 1984 and was senior vice president for finance of the St. Paul Bank for Cooperatives at the time of its merger with CoBank in 1999. Through his church, he has led volunteer teams to Haiti since 2001, helping to build new schools in Les Cayes and outside of Jeremie and rebuild a church in Île Adam, outside of Cap-Haïtien. He holds a B.S. in food systems economics and management from Michigan State University, an M.S. in agricultural economics from the University of Illinois, and an M.A. in leadership from Augsburg College.