We are proud to present our Annual Report for 2018: DEVELOPING MARKETS.

This report’s theme speaks to so much of who ACDI/VOCA and its affiliates are and what we do: we link farmers, small businesses, rural communities, and vulnerable groups to markets. For ACDI/VOCA, markets are the gateway to sustainable incomes and thriving households. From our early days pioneering the value chain approach to international development, we’ve been expanding access to business skills, modern technologies and practices, finance, market linkages, and public-private dialogues.

In 2018, we implemented 77 programs in 28 countries. We have selected stories for this report to illustrate our approach to development, characterized by the inclusion of the broadest range of stakeholders in order to foster robust and productive economic relationships. Through this report, we present three key aspects of our market systems programming:

  • Developing Competitive Markets: We trigger systemic change in market relationships, norms, and policies to stimulate broad-based economic growth.
  • Developing Inclusive Markets: We gather and share learning that promotes market participation and financial inclusion for marginalized groups, including women and youth.
  • Developing Resilient Markets: We root households in fertile ground, where they can grow sustainably in the face of challenges, such as droughts, conflicts, and erratic global markets.

Whether it’s through the lens of strengthening microenterprises in Laos, leveraging private-sector partnerships in the Kyrgyz Republic, or increasing household incomes in Burkina Faso, we analyze the larger market system and identify factors that constrain market actors from reaching their full potential.

The 2018 projects highlighted in this annual report are perfect examples of this approach, which has proven remarkably effective over the years.

We remain grateful for the commitment of our outstanding staff and our partners to creating economic solutions that change outcomes on a global scale.