For ACDI/VOCA, Leveling The Field means working to ensure that everyone in developing economies can look forward to prosperity for themselves and their communities through equal access to skills, markets, and financing. The projects and programs delivered by ACDI/VOCA over the past 55 years have all been aimed at that overarching objective. In 2017 alone, we implemented 32 programs in 28 countries. Each of those was designed for its local context, often focusing on the inclusion of marginalized people, to achieve positive outcomes. Our staff and partners are dedicated to continually innovating, adapting technology and solutions, to drive efficiency and impact.

The report is organized around three key pillars of our approach to increasing economic opportunities:

Investment: Development agencies today are catalysts, leveraging additional financing to achieve program scale. ACDI/VOCA’s market systems approach and institutional strengthening leverage commercial investments to create new jobs and a market infrastructure.

Inclusion: We work with marginalized pockets of economies – the people excluded from national economic development. We help communities of women, youth, LGBTQ+, indigenous peoples, and the rural poor catch up to their country’s formal economy.

Innovation: Our work is powerful and saves lives. We inspire and accelerate technological innovation across agriculture, nutrition, market systems, and countless other areas. Whether it’s drought-prediction modeling or farmer smartcards for data storage and impact measurement, we address challenges by looking at problems differently.