Individual Volunteering 

How do I apply?

Please create a user account and submit a current resume. This will allow you to apply quickly and easily to volunteer or paid consultant assignments posted on our website. It will also enable us to contact you regarding future assignments that match your experience and skills. A willingness to volunteer, however, does not guarantee automatic placement because our overseas clients’ need for particular skills drive the process.

What skills are you typically looking for?

ACDI/VOCA is always looking for expert volunteers to support our international development activities. We have ongoing needs for candidates with 10 years of experience in business, agriculture, horticulture, agrotourism, marketing, cooperative and association development, food production and processing, and other areas.

For student opportunities, see the Service Learning Corps FAQs

Do I need to speak the local language?

Foreign language skills are usually not required, but can be an asset. In cases where the volunteer does not speak the local language and the in-country host does not speak English, an interpreter is provided.

However, assignments in Latin America do require volunteers to be fluent in Spanish.

In which countries do you need volunteers?

Throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. View a list of current opportunities.

How long are the assignments? 

From two to four weeks, typically.

Will there be any cost for me to volunteer?

Volunteers contribute their time and expertise, while ACDI/VOCA pays for all assignment-related expenses. These include round-trip coach airfare, passport and visa fees, lodging, meals and incidentals, immunizations, and emergency medical evacuation insurance.

What kind of housing is provided? 

This varies from country to country. In urban areas, you may be housed in comfortable hotels, guesthouses, or apartments that the project leases. In rural areas, you may be asked to stay with the host beneficiary, or in more rustic accommodations. Lodging information is provided in the scope of work for each assignment. You may not have all the comforts of home, but as G. K. Chesterton said, “Adventure is inconvenience rightly considered.”

May I take my spouse or other family members?

We cannot pay expenses for a spouse or other family members. If you would like to schedule a post-assignment vacation, we encourage family and friends to meet you after you have completed your obligations to the assignment. Schedules may change, however, during your assignment, which may cause difficulty in coordinating with people who are not participating in the assignment.

Are there any further obligations on the part of the volunteer?

You will be asked to complete a final report and an expense report at the end of each assignment. Additionally, we always appreciate volunteers’ efforts to spread the word about ACDI/VOCA’s development work among family and friends as well as civic and professional groups.

Service Learning Corps

Is the program open to students from all colleges/universities?

Yes. The Service Learning Corp Program is open to students or recent graduates from any college or university.

Do you accept recent graduates?

Yes. We will give preference to graduates who have completed their advanced degree program within the last two years. Consideration may be given to others as demand requires.

Do I have to study agriculture, international studies, or international business to be eligible?

While most of our assignments focus on agriculture and international business, there are limited opportunities outside of these areas.

What is the selection process after I submit my resume?

Once you have created a profile, you are welcome to apply online to any Service Learning Corps assignment. Our headquarters staff and in-country teams will interview the finalists.

How long are the assignments? Can I choose when my assignment will begin and end?

Assignments range in length from three to 12 months. You may request start and end dates, but there is a little flexibility regarding exact dates. Please apply only to those assignments that match your availability.

Must I be a United States citizen?

No. Only a limited number of assignments will require US citizenship. This will be stated in the posting.

Will I be working with other graduate students or corps members?

Most assignments are for individuals, but you will be working in the context of a bigger project. There may be occasional requests for teams of two, and there may be other volunteers in-country at the same time as you.

Will I receive a stipend or other compensation?

ACDI/VOCA will arrange and pay for travel and accommodations. Living expenses will be covered. Students are encouraged to apply through their schools for grants to offset these costs and thereby free up project funds to support beneficiaries.

Will travel and/or health insurance be provided?

Our volunteers are covered with emergency travel assistance and emergency medical evacuation insurance. Students should check with their regular healthcare provider to see what services are available internationally for basic medical needs.

What kind of housing is provided?

You’ll have basic but comfortable accommodations, ranging from guesthouses and bed and breakfasts to modest hotels or apartments.

Will I receive training or orientation before my assignment?

You will receive written briefing materials, in addition to information sent by phone and email. We encourage pre-assignment communication between the volunteer and host organization.

Do I need to speak the local language?

A limited number of assignments may require local language ability. This will be stated in the posting. We will provide an interpreter as necessary.

What deliverables will I be required to produce?

All assignments require a written final report and expense report upon completion. Deliverables specific to the technical aspects of the assignment will be described in the scope of work.

Will I receive course credit?

This will depend on your university’s program. We will provide you with a certification of assignment completion and supporting documents.

How can I get more information?

Contact Diana Shipman, associate director of ACDI/VOCA’s volunteer programs, at