We want you to feel safe and have a positive experience while on assignment through ACDI/VOCA, so we have developed some basic security guidelines to keep in mind. Our volunteer recruitment team is well-equipped to handle your logistical needs and our country offices make the security and well-being of volunteers their number one priority.

Travel Security Guidelines


ACDI/VOCA uses the following principles and definitions across all its programs:

  • Equity. Gender equity refers to fairness and to the processes and approaches that lead to gender equality, which is the end-goal. Not all development and growth is equal for men and women, and we are obliged to consider that in our programming. Because of the existence of inequality between women and men, it is necessary to target specific resources toward women’s empowerment in order to equalize and level the playing field for both women and men.
  • Empowerment. Empowerment is achieved when an individual acquires the power to act freely, exercise his or her rights, and fulfill his or her potential as a full and equal member of society. While empowerment often comes from within, and individuals empower themselves, cultures, societies and institutions create conditions that facilitate or undermine the possibilities for empowerment.
  • “Gender” as an approach. When we refer to gender, we are not referring to men and women as individuals. We are referring to an approach that seeks to understand how the socially defined roles and responsibilities of men and women in a given context affect the development problems we are trying to address. In addition, it is an approach that pays special attention to how gender roles and responsibilities lead to an imbalance of power and decision-making authority between women and men. It understands how those power dynamics affect development and how development interventions can be implemented to make power dynamics more equitable and beneficial to all segments of a population.
  • Community-based and -driven gender approaches. Because gender dynamics are locally driven and defined, ACDI/VOCA prioritizes the engagement and leadership of local partners, stakeholders and participants in developing, implementing and evaluating gender approaches. We also support local initiatives that promote gender equity.
  • Gender equity is smart business practice. While gender equality is a development objective in itself, research shows that closing gender inequality gaps and achieving diversity leads to multiple dividends for businesses, organizations, economies and communities. See the text box below for evidence.

The Business Case for Gender Equity