Improving the Incomes and Resiliency of Smallholder Farmers in Egypt


ACDI/VOCA’s Improving Incomes and Climate Resiliency of Egyptian Smallholder Farmers Pilot (IICR) addresses the Kellogg Company’s corporate objective of sustainably sourcing from smallholder farmers. The pilot enables sourcing from smallholder agriculture production into Kellogg’s processing facility and targets two of Kellogg’s priority value chains: rice and dates. The result is a reliable and efficient supply chain for Kellogg, sustainable livelihoods for farmers, and climate-smart farming practices for communities.

  • Climate-smart approaches to production inefficiencies
  • Crop and income diversification
  • Reliable end markets and incomes for farming households
  • Strengthened communities and associations
  • Reliable and consistent supply chains
  • IICR responds to private-sector signals and product specifications. The implementation locations meet Kellogg’s sourcing needs and target farming communities that have received little to no extension services from government agencies or conventional donor projects. The remote communities welcome the technical assistance, and the margins for improvement are great.
  • The project introduces seasonal crop rotation, enabling rice farmers to produce high-value winter horticulture crops, and links them to supermarkets in metropolitan areas.
  • The increased income helps maintain farming as a viable livelihood. By introducing low-tech, biochar machines to replace the environmentally damaging practice of burning agricultural waste, IICR helps farmers reduce their environmental impact.
  • The scalable, private sector-driven pilot demonstrates that investment in sustainable, climate-smart farming provides shared value and strengthens communities.

Funder: Kellogg
Budget: $300,000
Contact: Jason Hillis,

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