Past Project

Emprende Pacífico

Boosting Employment and Rural Entrepreneurship

Background Narrative

Emprende Pacífico was an initiative funded by Government of Colombia’s Ministry of Labor and implemented jointly under the USAID-funded Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Program. The project was created under the auspices of Law 1448 of 2011, article 130, which calls for the Ministry of Labor to design special programs and projects that generate rural and urban employment opportunities for victims of the armed conflict, as a part of the reparations process. Emprende Pacífico supported employment opportunities for families who were victims of the armed conflict in one of the country’s most affected regions. It supported rural entrepreneurship and good agricultural and environmental practices, strengthened community-based organizations, promoted cultural activities, and increased visibility around the development of these populations.

Along with providing technical assistance and promoting good agricultural practices and management plans, the project also helped generate marketing opportunities under fair price conditions. Emprende Pacífico provided psychosocial support for conflict victims, serving as a measure of reconciliation and peacebuilding.

  • Improve economic inclusion of families that were victims of the armed conflict in Colombia’s Pacific region.
  • Increased productivity through good agricultural practices
  • Established sustainable market linkages between buyers and input sellers
  • Introduced good business and management practices
  • Provided psychosocial support to the families
  • 3,225 families livelihoods were improved through increases in income

Funder: Government of Colombia’s Ministry of Labor
Budget: US $3,343,551
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