Freight Forwarding Services – Extended End Date 5/21/2018

ACDI/VOCA is seeking proposals from qualified organizations to fulfill shipping, warehousing, and other associated freight forwarding activities worldwide, as a subcontractor to ACDI/VOCA under various United States Government awards, including contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants, as well as public, private, and international organizations and non-US Government awards. It is anticipated that ACDI/VOCA will issue a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to one or more organizations that are determined to provide the best value to ACDI/VOCA. Frequent shipping activities include household goods movement for relocations, cargo shipments to field projects, and return shipment of closeout document files. Interested parties are invited to submit their proposal in accordance with the deadlines found in the request for proposal.

Download the request for proposal.

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

ACDI/VOCA is seeking proposals from qualified organizations, or independent consultants, for a full range of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services. ACDI/VOCA anticipates the award of a BPA as a base-year contract with one option-year possible. The BPA will support new business initiatives in the ACDI/VOCA proposal writing stage.

Specific requirements include the following:

  • Provision of technical assistance to design high-quality M&E documents for large, complex, international development proposals, maximizing ACDI/VOCA tools and key approaches
  • Provision of technical leadership to design high-quality, rigorous, and methodically sound baseline and evaluation summarized protocols to include in the ACDI/VOCA proposal document
  • Collaboration with the ACDI/VOCA proposal team to develop an M&E approach and strategy in response to requirements of donor solicitations

Download the request for proposal.