Comparative Dryer Performance Testing: Artisan vs. Formal Fabricators

Agribusiness Systems International (ASI) contracted Catapult Design to research, design and field test a new maize drying technology suitable for …

ACDI/VOCA Kenya AflaSTOP Poster

Key Findings to Date from Storage, Drying, and Commercialization Efforts

This graphic details the key findings of AflaSTOP as of September, 2015. It covers storage, drying and commercialization tensions.

Embracing CLA to Drive Technology Adoption in Kenya: AflaSTOP’s Experience

Read AflaSTOP’s winning submission for USAID’s Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation (CLA) Case Competition. Using the experience with the grain dryer …

Aflatoxin Infographic

USAID’s Feed the Future Initiative recently produced this infographic on aflatoxin and its effect on both health and economics. AflaSTOP’s …

Portable Shallow-Bed Dryer: Demo and Fabricators (Formal and Informal) Training Report

This report summarizes the key findings and take-aways from a two-day workshop with informal, artisan “jua kali” fabricators on the …

Preliminary Go-to-Market Market Options for Portable Shallow Bed Batch Dryer

This document highlights key insights into factors that could influence AflaSTOP’s portable shallow-bed batch dryer’s go-to-market strategy, including target customers, …

Portable Shallow-Bed Dryer (Beta Design): User Experience Evaluation and Qualitative Demand Analysis

This report provides an analytical summary of field testing of the beta prototype version of the portable shallow bed batch …

AflaSTOP 2014 Annual Report

An overview of project implementation in 2014 and early 2015, with key findings and activities by component.

Public-Private Partnerships in Global Value Chains: Can They Actually Benefit the Poor? (Abdulsamad, Stokes, Gereffi)

Portfolio Ownership Among Agribusiness SMEs in Malawi (Chalmers)