LEO Report No. #19: Scaling Impact: Improving Smallholder Farmers’ Beneficial Access to Output Markets

Smallholder farmers constitute a majority of the working population in much of the developing world, and they tend to be …

Serbia Leo Report 34

Serbia Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis—Organizational Network Analysis: Leo Report #34

THIS REPORT This report was prepared in conjunction with the Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis for USAID-Serbia, conducted from …

EasyDry M500 Analysis of Commercialization Viability

EasyDry M500: The Portable Maize Dryer, Analysis of Commercialization Viability

This analysis reviews the economics of the EasyDry M500 in conjunction with market pricing and demand factors in order to …

LEO Mozambique Agricultural Value Chain Analysis

Mozambique Agricultural Value Chain Analysis

Serbia Leo 29

Serbia Competitiveness Assessment & Political Economy Analysis: LEO Report #29

OBJECTIVE This assessment seeks to identify the key factors constraining Serbia’s private MSME sector, and its ability to grow and …

Monitoring Systemic Change and Early Change in Inclusive Market Systems Facilitation

Highlighting Labor and Agricultural Market Systems: A Rural Household Diversification Strategy and a Pathway out of Poverty for the Very Poor

Guinea Value Chain Analysis: Eggs, Small Ruminants, Maize, Rice, Groundnut

Scale of Outreach in Market Systems Development: Building the Evidence Base

Timor-Leste Economic Diversification Analysis: Candlenut, Mobile Finance Market & Tourism Assessments