ACDI/VOCA Sergio Rivas

Sergio Rivas

Sergio E. Rivas is ACDI/VOCA’s regional managing director for Latin America and the Caribbean. He has extensive experience designing and managing community development projects, including community stabilization, alternative development, workforce development, youth and gender inclusion, peacebuilding, and reconciliation projects. He first joined ACDI/VOCA in 2008 as a senior director in Washington, D.C., then as a country representative and chief of party in Paraguay and Colombia. Sergio has a track record of managing successful projects and securing public and private support. He previously consulted with Management Systems International and served as USAID’s senior program manager for eight years in Bolivia. Sergio specializes in complex, multifaceted, and politically-sensitive projects and has substantial experience in socioeconomic stabilization of conflict-affected regions. He has also served in Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, and South Sudan. Sergio holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Military University and a master’s degree in economic development from San Andres University in La Paz, Bolivia.

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