President and CEO

Bill Polidoro joined the company in October 2005, as senior vice president for special projects and ascended to the role of Chief Operating Officer in February 2006. In January 2014, he became President and CEO. Mr. Polidoro came to ACDI/VOCA from Pact, Inc., where he served as the director for the Africa region after working as the country director for Kenya and Sudan and as a senior program manager. Mr. Polidoro earned his doctorate in development anthropology at the American University, in Washington, D.C., and a B.A. in sociology from North Adams State College in Massachusetts. He has also completed additional graduate work in anthropology and South Asian studies at the University of Chicago, in Illinois. He worked in Guinea for USAID as a personal services contractor, managing an integrated natural resource management (NRM) program. Subsequent assignments with Pact, Datex, and Development Assistance Corporation included strengthening public administration, agricultural marketing, NRM and environment, livelihoods, and civil society development, including community responses to HIV/AIDS. Mr. Polidoro began his international career in the early 1980s in India working in agricultural development while conducting anthropological research. His area of specialization is the impact of policy on rural communities, especially as it relates to land tenure and livelihoods.