Practical, Green Technology That Works

water tank

This water tank, here inspected by ACDI/VOCA board member Bruce Johnson, a Virginia farmer, can be a powerful asset in drought-stricken Kenya, especially when paired with a greenhouse and simple drip irrigation technology.

Green house

Above is an example of the Amiran Farmers' Kit greenhouse system at ACDI/VOCA’s 2009 Ag Fair in Eldoret, Kenya.  With your support, we will help a selected farmers' group receive this technology and marketing expertise so they can experience similar results.

The Amiran Farmers' Kit system is outfitted for drip irrigation, the greenest, most cost-efficient method for intensive production. Because of protection from the elements, control of temperature and humidity, and enhancement of light, greenhouse crops fare better than those grown outside in direct sunlight.

Paired with a capacious, low-maintenance Roto polyethylene tank, this package allows abundant production from an eighth of an acre. It comes complete with tubing, seeds, fertilizer and other inputs, along with technical support—everything farmers need to jumpstart productivity and attain instant market advantage.